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When Ed joined Ansoft Corporation in 1987, C++ was was just starting to surface as a mysterious new language for implementing object-oriented software designs.  Ansoft made a strategic decision to move right to the bleeding edge of this new technology and create what was probably the first truly object-oriented C++ finite element analysis software.  



Ed was responsible for the solid modeling components as well as most of the three-dimensional graphics components used to implement the user interfaces for all of Ansoft's products.  Back then, there weren't great packages like OpenGL or Direct3D to make the job easy.  Ed was doing solid modeling boolean operations with Euler operators and 3D viewing transforms in his sleep!  Here's a Christmas tree that was built with the solid modeler and automatically meshed with Ansoft's 3D tetrahedral mesh generator.  Although not obvious from the picture, not only are the objects meshed, but the entire surrounding background air space is meshed as well.  In electromagnetics, that's where all the action is!



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