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 Software Project Architect -- Schlumberger Technology Center, Sugar Land, Texas

Working on software architecture, algorithms and code for real-time monitoring and analysis of critical oil well cementing operations.   (present)

  Staff Software Engineer V -- Accuray, Sunnyvale, California   (worked remotely from Katy, Texas)

Worked on software architecture, algorithms and code for Accuray's MultiPlan Treatment Planning System that generates high precision radiation treatment plans for Accuray's CyberKnife and TomoTherapy Treatment Delivery Systems.   Coded domain objects including complex dose calculation and beam weight optimization objects using C++ and STL in a heavily multi-threaded context.   Played key firefighting roles under substantial schedule pressure to correct anomalies surfacing late in development cycles.   (2009-2013)

 Senior Engineer III -- Schlumberger Technology Center, Sugar Land, Texas

Acquisition Software & Hardware Department:   Worked with a small team charged with laying out a roadmap and architecture for the next generation of Schlumberger's well services data acquisition software.   Developed strategies and design patterns to incrementally refactor a code baseline containing several million lines of MFC code founded on a flat data dictionary to a new domain object architecture to be potentially implemented in .NET using C#.   Served as project lead for the SandCAT data acquisition software used to monitor and control Schlumberger's sand control jobs.   (2007-2009)

Design & Interpretation Software Department:   Served as a project lead on the Schlumberger Well Services WellBook project.  Crafted many of the common domain and user interface components now in use for integrating engineering applications throughout Schlumberger into a common WellBook human interface.  (2004-2007)

 Senior Software Engineer -- NOMOS Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Developed products for Image-Guided Radiation Therapy.  Employed object-oriented architectures, Java, C++, and the Java Native Interface (JNI) to interface with embedded systems that control a variety of electrical and mechanical devices.  Designed hardware and software to achieve organ localization with sub-millimeter accuracy.  (2000-2004)

  Principal Consultant -- NanoSoft Corporation, Houston, Texas

Provided software development consulting services ranging from devising application architectures and leading development teams to developing code and assisting clients’ developers with specific problems.  Specialized in the application of object-oriented design techniques, C++, MFC, and COM component technology  to solve problems spanning a broad range of engineering, scientific, and business domains.  Authored a set of articles on extensible object-oriented architectures and components that speed development and improve quality of highly interactive applications.  (1996-2000)

  Senior Engineering Specialist -- Exxon Production Research Company, Houston, Texas

Directed teams of software engineers developing engineering applications for simulating petroleum reservoirs, performing thermodynamic analysis of reservoir fluids, and designing petroleum production facilities.  Created well-encapsulated, extensible object-oriented components reusable across a range of complex engineering applications.  Acquired an in-depth understanding of designing and managing large (500,000-line) C++ applications built on MFC and running under Windows 95 and Windows NT.  Conducted research on the use of ActiveX Automation technology for integrating custom-built applications and thermodynamics libraries with commercial process simulators.  (1992-1996)

  Senior Development Engineer -- Ansoft Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Performed a variety of research, development, and management activities for Ansoft Corporation, a finite element software company later acquired by ANSYS.  Investigated novel multigrid finite element techniques for field simulation in two and three dimensions.  Managed a successful two-year joint venture by Ansoft and Hewlett-Packard Company to develop a three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulator.  Designed a very general, yet easy to use interface for modeling geometries and visualizing field solutions in three dimensions.  Sole responsibility for the specification, architecture, and C++ coding of a general purpose solid modeling system with full Boolean capabilities.  (1987-1992)

  Staff Engineer -- Exxon Company USA, Midland, Texas

Coordinated planning activities for constructing Exxon's $1 billion gas processing facility in LaBarge, Wyoming.  Devised strategies for administering major contracts, maintaining a tight project schedule, and establishing a construction work force exceeding 3,000 in a remote mountainous area subject to harsh winters.  (1984-1985)

  Staff Engineer -- Exxon Company USA, New Orleans, Louisiana

Joined a team of three lead engineers charged with the installation of Exxon's $425 million prototype guyed tower.  Directed a two-year engineering effort to develop the procedures and equipment required to install the unconventional tower in deep ocean water.  Prepared project budgets and monitored costs.  Administered numerous contracts, including one fabrication contract exceeding $100 million.  Supervised the operations of a $200,000 a day offshore construction spread during a continuous six-month period.  Earned an Exxon corporate incentive award for personal achievement on this project.  (1980-1984)

  Senior Research Engineer -- Exxon Production Research Company, Houston, Texas

Developed computer-aided design systems used for engineering Exxon's offshore drilling platforms.  Devised the unconventional foundation system for Exxon's prototype guyed tower drilling platform installed in 1,000 feet of water offshore Louisiana.  Conducted research and testing to validate the use of linear spectral fatigue analysis as a design procedure for offshore structures.  (1978-1980) 




  System for analyzing the geometry of a radiation treatment apparatus

Invented a system for analyzing the geometry of a radiation treatment apparatus.  (Filed 2004 and issued 2010)

  System for monitoring the geometry of a radiation treatment apparatus

Invented a system for monitoring the geometry of a radiation treatment apparatus.  (Filed 2006 and issued 2009)

  System and tracker for tracking an object

Invented an object tracker that generated patent rights which licensed Nomos to unique technology for tracking the position and orientation of medical devices with sub-millimeter accuracy.  (Filed 2004 and issued 2007)

  Pile release mechanism

Invented an underwater pile release mechanism that generated patent rights which licensed Exxon to unique technology for installing offshore structures in deep ocean water.  (Filed 1983 and issued 1986)




  M.S. Mechanical Engineering -- Carnegie Mellon University

Conducted research on novel multigrid finite element methods for the discretization and solution of partial differential equations on unstructured triangular and tetrahedral meshes.  Concentrated course work on finite element techniques, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer.  Pursued this work on a full-time basis in conjunction with Ansoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Company.  (4.0 GPA)  (1990-1992)

  M.B.A. -- University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Business

Selected a multidisciplinary business curriculum.  Earned a full tuition Associates Fellowship.  Elected to the Beta Gamma Sigma national business honor society.  (3.9 GPA)  (1985-1986)

  M.S. Civil Engineering -- Carnegie Mellon University

Focused study on software design, finite element techniques, structural dynamics, and geotechnical engineering.  Earned a full tuition American Institute of Steel Construction Fellowship.  Elected to the Tau Beta Pi national engineering honor society and the Sigma Xi scientific research society.  (4.0 GPA)  (1977-1978)

  B.S. Civil Engineering -- Carnegie Mellon University

Specialized in structural and geotechnical engineering.  Graduated with University Honors.  (3.8 GPA)  (1972-1976)




Parenting a resourceful daughter now contemplating high school graduation and a major in applied mathematics, playing piano and serving with the music ministry at church, lending a hand to my daughter's theater group, and building and flying radio-controlled (R/C) model aircraft




Authored articles in leading publications including Microsoft Systems Journal and Visual C++ Developers Journal on extensible object-oriented architectures and reusable software components.