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In 1996, after over 15 years of full-time positions in the information technology business, I took on a new job -- mother to Elizabeth Jean Smetak ("Bethie"). I quickly learned that daily pursuits not done from behind a desk or in a corporate setting can be challenging, rewarding, tiring and boring -- sometimes all in the same day. It's similar to what you may experience in a business day -- except that at home they are much better experienced in a wash & wear wardrobe. Perfectly pressed suits do not make you dressed for success with children!

Parenting has opened many new avenues for me -- allowing me to introduce myself once again to wonders big & small as I share seeing, hearing and just generally experiencing everyday things with Bethie. It has prompted me to become more active in my community and to study subjects that I have never had occasion to investigate in the past (what is that strange bird in the backyard?).

I am fortunate to find my days busy and delightfully rich in smiles.

Although most of my time these days is spent on field research concerning stamina in middle-aged mothers of young children, I also spend time maintaining my business interests in information technology. I have worked with my husband, Ed Smetak, on various articles that have been published in a variety of technical periodicals, including Microsoft Systems Journal. If you want to know more about my business experience and education, check out my resume.